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A Guide To 4 Person Tent Best [Instant Pop Up]

Tent is the most important item when going camping! We all know, that if tent is not easy to put together it could ruin everybody’s mood for better half of the day trying to set it up 🙂 Am I wrong? Nobody wants to wrestle a tent after a long drive.That is what makes instant pop tents so attractive – they are accessible and so convenient! Instant tents are super-fast to set up, and takedown by yourself. Set-up speed can be essential if the weather is bad or the bugs are driving you crazy. Setting up and taking down the tent is never very high on the list of fun things to do when going camping. Because of this, many campers search for a fast and easy solution, making a 4 person instant pop-up style tent a great choice. After trial and error, here are our findings. We reviewed and rated pop up tents based on their quality and here are 4 person tent best:

How Do The Top Rated 4 Person Instant Tents Work?

As the name suggests, pop-up tents are set up instantly and have permanently attached poles. This means one only needs to unfold the tent and extend the poles to set it up.

The only real draw-back to the design of the 4 person instant tents we review is how much space they can take up when packed up for storage.

Because of how they are assembled, the tents tend to be bulkier when packed into a carry bag. This is one of the few negatives of the instant pop-up 4 person tent design.

There are several types, and brands of 4-person instant tents that make it essential to make the right comparison before purchasing any one particular model.

In this guide, we choose what we believe are some of the top choices for campers looking to buy 4 person instant popup tents.

Stick with one of these best buys, and you will be one happy camper!

Our Best 4 Person Instant Tent Picks:

1. Coleman Dome Camping Tent | Sundome Dark Room Tent with Easy Set Up

  • Super Easy setup! Instruction said 5 minutes – they didn’t lie!
  • Rainfly provides good coverage
  • The floor of the tent is very durable, even my kids couldn’t destroy it
  • Spacious – I was able to fit queen size mattress in there along with 3 pads for kids.
  • Suitable for some light, occasional camping. Not for a heavy duty use
  • Little ventilation when you have rainfly on
  • “Dark room” is not as dark as described and light easily can shine through

2. Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup in 60 Seconds

  • It IS very quick to set up, just like advertised
  • Being a cabin style tent it does have good stand room in the center
  • It cab be set up and taken down easily by one person
  • Good at blocking early morning sun
  • The door has a pole that allows it to be closed but not zipped so my kids are messing up the zipper each time they go in and out durning the day only zipped it up for bedtime
  • In heavy rain, seams of the tent leak water. Water slowly drips in through the bottom seams of the windows, and where the tent material meets the tarp

3. Core Equipment Core 4 Person Instant Dome Tent

  • Construction Material: 100% Polyester
  • Dimensions of tent: 108 x 84 x 54 inches
  • Number of Windows:3
  • Number of Doors:1
  • This tent uses an integrated frame system, so setting it up is as simple as unpacking, unfolding, and locking the poles into place. The set-up process only takes about thirty seconds.
  • Its dome shape makes it ideal for smaller folks as you won’t have to reach far when extending the poles.
  • Once pitched, the dome design provides excellent stability and wind protection.
  • The material contains H20 Block Technology for water resistance and has exceptionally good airflow due to the plenty of the mesh.

4. Moon Lence Pop up Tent 4 Person Camping Tent Waterproof Tent Easy Setup

  • Construction Material: 2000mm PU coated polyester
  • Dimensions of tent: 82.92 x 105.96 x 54.96 inches
  • Number of Windows:3
  • Number of Doors:1
  • Whether your adventure bring you to the mountains, the beach, or dense forests, the LightSpeed Outdoors Mammoth 4 Person Tent has been made ideal for all situations.
  • With its sturdy, single-wall construction and integrated poles, this model is a great option if you don’t want extra baggage but need sufficient protection from weather elements.
  • The oversized door and three-position windows give plenty of ventilation on hot summers. It also has an extended vestibule creating an area to store shoes and help keep the floor of the tent clean.
  • The tent also features a built-in rainfly, and 2000mm PU coated waterproof walls.

5. 4 Person Easy Pop Up Tent Waterproof for Camping Hiking & Traveling

  • Construction Material: 210D durable Oxford tent fabric
  • Dimensions of tent: 33.5*6.7*6.7-inch pack size
  • Number of Windows:3
  • Number of Doors:2
  • This tent is another well-designed and versatile 4-person instant tent. The two-door design makes it another great warm-weather choice.
  • The tent is double-layered, and you can separate the rainfly to use it for shelter when enjoying various outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing.
  • The Night Cat 4 Person Instant Tent has an advanced hydraulic pole pressure mechanism and takes less than a minute to set up. The two large doors and double zippers provide convenient access and sufficient ventilation.

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