Down vs synthetic material
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Down Versus Synthetic material for your gear

What is the difference between down and synthetic material? First, let’s find out what they are.

DOWN (of birds) 

Is a layer of fine feathers found under the tougher exterior feathers. Down is a fine thermal insulator and padding, used in goods such as jackets, bedding (duvets), pillows and sleeping bags.

The loose structure of down feathers traps air, which helps to insulate the bird against heat loss. For centuries, humans across the globe have used down feathers for insulation.

As a conclusion, down is a 100% natural material that has been used for centuries by people to prevent heat loss and stay warm.

down versus synthetic
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Most of the time Polyester wadding (Synthepon), a synthetic material, is used anywhere where a down would be used.

Synthepone is a non-woven fabric and refers to class of synthetic insulators and fillers. It is used as a filler for blankets, bedspreads, pillows, women’s and men’s clothing, overalls, children’s overalls, stuffed animals, sofas, armchairs, chairs.

The volume, weight, quality of the product and other characteristics depend on the way in which the synthepone fibers are combined.

Here are some good things about synthetic material:

1. Sufficient lightness, elasticity and volume.
2. Retains heat
3. Lack of environment for the appearance in the product of dust mites, moths and mold fungi.
4. Good recovery ability.
5. The possibility of using both dry cleaning and washing at home.
6. Hypoallergenicity of this material.

Synthepon in winter, with proper care, is able to withstand frost to 5F (-15 degrees Celsius).

down versus synthetic


When it comes to choosing down versus synthetic, it is really a personal choice. Down is a natural material that mother nature uses to protect birds from cold, so you can rely on it being warm even in coldest weather. However, it does take a special care when it comes to washing and cleaning items made out of down.

On the other hand synthepon is easy to care for and seems to have same plenty of benefits as well.

Down and synthetic are widely used: either it’s for outdoor heavy duty gear, for things like camping or hiking gear, or casual clothing.

Stay warm, either with down or synthepon 🙂