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Don’t Tempt The Fate – Hiking First Aid Kit List

A hiking first aid checklist is essential for any trip outdoors. However, hiking first aid kit list contents will vary based on how many people are going on a hike, what terrain it is, time of the year, and so on.

There are two very important concerns related to having a first aid kit. First is to have it and not forget to bring it with you on every single trip. And second is to have knowledge and training on how to apply kit items in different situations. The second one is the most important one – to know how to use items correctly. Good training in wilderness-related first aid techniques is a crucial component of your first aid kit. So if you can, invest some time into learning basics of first aid help. It can come handy anywhere, not only in wilderness. But, hopefully, you will never need it. It is alway better to be over prepared than under prepared.

There are a lot of first aid kits out there on the market, designed to be used anywhere from 1 day trip to an expedition. When choosing a kit, remember what you will be using it for. More items in a kit does not automatically make it a better kit. Buy a first aid kit for your situation, and by situation I mean – number of people in your group, terrain and time of the year you will be using it for and so on.

Here are some ready made kits to save you some time:

Top 3 basic hiking first aid kit:

If ready made one doesn’t work for you for some reason or you want one that is tailored to your adventures, we suggest this as a hiking first aid checklist to be the basis and you can add on from there:

Pack your own first aid kit list for hiking:

1Box mixed bandages
18oz(237ml) tincture of benzoic
150 in moleskin
120 in mole foam
1Adhesive tape
22in roller gauze
1Microshield rescue mask
52 x 2(5cm x 5cm) gauze sponges
54 x 4 (10cm x 10cm) gauze sponges
10Exam gloves
10Alcohol swabs
1Trauma scissors
13in (8cm) Elastic bandage
1Iodine tablets
20Acetaminophen tablets
20Ibuprofen tablets
20Betadine ointment packets
10Sting relief pads

First aid kit is one of the hiking essentials you will need on your adventure. I really hope you will never get to use your kit, but let’s remember that it is better to be over prepared than under prepared. It is not worth the saved space in your backpack, so bring it with you! Happy hiking/camping and I hope you will never need it!!